We are a husband and wife team living in Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island. I’m still trying to figure out what to call us, it’s hard to find one title that fits. We work with teams to renovate and build homes.

Haydn finds the land or house, the money for the projects, mortgages, does the sound systems, cable, and is a skilled finisher and will do anything that needs to be done.

I (Melanie) am the Designer, book keeper, sales, photography and marketing… I partner with the contractor and trades filling in the gaps where needed.

Since we where kids Haydn and I have been helping our parents renovate houses, so when we got together it was a natural for us to do the same.

We are living in our 8th renovation home and with our award winning contractor finished and sold our 2nd & 3ed speck homes in the valley.

About Haydn and Melanie (me)

Way back in 2003 we met at the traditional meeting place at the time…. in a bar.

I would say fate brought us together as it was a series of misunderstandings and unexpected events that brought us together and 14 years + a family later, we are more in love then ever. Somehow the 2 of us put together make the perfect person.

We are excited about our latest adventure together building speck homes for people. Our goal is to create quality, beautifully designed homes that feel like they where custom built for you. We tend to spend a little extra on the builds on things you don’t see to make sure it’s a quality home that you will love.

We are grateful to be partnering with amazing people and so excited to be building stunning homes, for people to fill with joyful memories.

Melanie Seal-Jones had a Brain Aneurysm + Stroke during the build, we are all together and taking a little “pause” to figure out our next plans.  Recovering and planning.